Focus groups student well-being

In collaboration with the higher education institutions and the Flemish Student Association (VVS), the Support Center for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO) is developing a central platform around student well-being on behalf of Minister Ben Weyts. The goal of this platform is to instill a boost for every student educated in Flanders and Brussels. It will provide all students with information, awareness, tips & tools on specific topics within mental well-being that they can independently apply into their lives.

This platform should be tailor-made for international students as well, therefore we believe bootstrapping this project with students' input is the way to go. Their input will be key and participating in one of our focus groups will yield great impact! These focus groups will be organized online. A focus group lasts 1.5 hours, starts in the evening at 6 pm and is facilitated by the SIHO. Each focus group session will touch upon topics such as: priorities within student wellbeing, types of online assistance, possible format of online help, etc.

Should you be interested, don't hesitate to subscribe for the session in your student region. SIHO will contact you shortly to confirm your participation. You can register via this form. Below the form we provide you some info on how your data will be processed!

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