The Adobe Scan app transforms your smartphone or tablet into a PDF scanner that lets you transform a.o. notes, documents, photos into an (OCR) Adobe PDF file.

Alinea is compensatory (reading) software and provides support to people with dyslexia or other reading and spelling problems.

Amanote is an application that simplifies taking notes. With the application you can take notes and mark directly on digital course material - such as PDFs, photos and Powerpoint presentations.

Using speech-to-text algorithms, Amberscript quickly converts audio into an accurate transcript, which can be easily shared and edited via the associated online word editor.

Assistive Touch is a function on iOS devices that allows the user to control an iPhone or iPad through the screen without needing any buttons.

Audacity is a free and easy-to-use audio editor and recorder. With the software you record sound and edit existing audio files.


Ava is a speech to text app that allows hearing impaired or deaf and hearing people communicate with each other in a simple way.

Be My Eyes is an application that connects blind and visually impaired people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call.

Blackboard Ally is a tool that focuses on making digital content accessible within your LMS. This tool can be integrated into your Learning Management System (LMS).

The Book-a-Book tool makes digital versions of textbooks easily available for students with disabilities.