Studying in higher education is a challenge. A chronic illness, a physical disability, a visual or hearing impairment, a learning disorder(dyslexia or dyscalculia), autism or an attention disorder such as ADHD can increase that challenge. In Flanders, students with disabilities are entitled to support services to help them overcome the barriers that arise from the interaction between their disability and the academic environment.

As an international student coming to Flanders you are also entitled to these support services and accommodations given that you have your disability registered at your host institution. On this webpage you can find all the necessary information to prepare and facilitate your international exchange in Flanders. Discover here the offer and tips to prepare for enrolment.

Reasonable Adjustments

By providing reasonable adjustments, thresholds are neutralized.

Interpreter support

A sign language and / or writing interpreter makes the educational activities accessible.

Converted learning materials

Adjustments of learning materials such as a conversion to braille or a digital version of a book are possible.

Copies of notes

Financial intervention for copies of fellow students' notes is made under certain conditions.

Student housing

If you need student housing, you have several options which you can discover here.

Prepare your transition

Here you will find a questionnaire that can support you in preparing for the transition to higher education.