The Support Centre Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO) is developing universities' and policy makers’ knowledge and expertise through projects that involve and benefit individual institutions while underpinning policy development.

Establishing a thought-out Policy Framework for Inclusive Mobility across Europe

EPFIME will contribute to the inclusiveness of mobility programmes.

Peer Learning Activities and Resources for Social Inclusion in Mobility Programmes

PLAR-4-SIMP will contribute to a more inclusive mobility programmes.

Inclusive Mobility Alliance

IMA is an alliance of European organisations that monitors and publishes recommendations on inclusive mobility.

Strengthening student well-being

SIHO is coordinating the project 'Strengthening student well-being' on behalf of Minister Weyts.

International staff training Inclusive Mobility

SIHO is organising an international staff training on the topic of Inclusive Mobility in October 2021.

Webinars Towards Genuinely Inclusive Universities

SIHO is organising an 8 webinar series entitled ‘Towards Genuinely Inclusive Universities' an international perspective on best practices in the implementation of universal design’.