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Flemish policies for inclusive student mobility

On the 21th of February, Flanders Knowledge Area (FKA) and the Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO) presented Flemish policies on inclusive student mobility at the conference ‘Internationalisation for all?  Wider inclusion in the internationalisation of higher education’, organised by the Academic Cooperation Association, DAAD Brussels Office, Diku Brussels Office and FKA.

The presentation started with testimonial clips of four students from underrepresented groups that participated in student mobility with a scholarship from the Mobility Action plan ‘Brains on the Move’.

Renilde Knevels, policy officer internationalisation at Flanders Knowledge Area (VLUHR) presented Flemish policies for inclusive mobility in Flanders, and focused on how the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, the national agencies (VLUHR, Flanders Knowledge Area and EPOS), the Support Centre for Higher Education (SIHO) and the higher education institutions (HEIs) all cooperate to realise inclusive mobility.

Valérie Van Hees, coordinator of SIHO, formulated the Flemish recommendations to make mobility programs more inclusive during the panel discussion. These recommendations were linked to the experiences in the testimonials.

Click to read the paper on the Flemish policies in the Newsletter SIHO February 2019.

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