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New application Book-a-Book

Digital textbooks can be a necessity for students with a disability. Through the Book-a-Book application, the Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO), makes digital versions of textbooks easily available for students with disabilities studying in Flanders (Belgium).

A transparent website, with a well-arranged catalogue of the already available books and a simple form to request new books, makes it possible to easily meet the needs of all students with disabilities from Flemish Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts. In order to meet the needs of incoming international students with disabilities, the application will also be available in English. 

Book-a-Book is an initiative of SIHO in collaboration with the Flemish Governement, KU Leuven Libraries Central Services and LIBIS, a service of the KU Leuven with more than forty years of experience in offering reliable, flexible and – at the same time – innovative solutions for libraries, archives and educational, research, heritage and public institutions. To deliver a good service, SIHO established sustainable collaborations with Flemish and international publishers.

The application will be launched at the international conference 'Enhancing student experience: innovative support tools for students with disabilities' - 12th September 2019 - Brussels. Register now!

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