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One of the main strategic goals of SIHO is raising awareness of the general public on studying with a disability and inclusive education. To enhance this awareness SIHO develops and distributes materials in the form of documentaries and guidelines.

Documentary ‘TZALWEL’ (‘SUREYOUCAN’)

The video portraits of four students with a disability were assembled in a short documentary of about 30 minutes with English subtitles. This documentary displays the experiences, dreams and ambitions of students with a  disability.  

Mobility portraits

SIHO and the LINK-network joined forced in a study where experiences and needs of students with a disability regarding international mobility are inventories.  The study focusses on the reasons to engage in an international exchange program and the problems/ needs students encounter during these international stays from a student-perspective. This study resulted in several outcomes.

Here you can look at six video portraits of students with a disability who went on an international exchange program.

Here you find the research report '(No) limits on international exchange? International mobility and students with a disability' (2012). 

Here you can find the ABC guide on Inclusive Mobility.

Here you can find an PDF iconarticle on international mobility from SIHO and AHEAD in EAIE spring forum 2015.