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Laima is a Lithuanian girl in her twenties. She studies Economics and Lithuanian Philology in Kaunas, Lithuania. Together with her friend Rita she went on Erasmus to Rennes for one semester.

Laima is very enthusiastic about her experience abroad and decided to take up French lessons from the moment she came back home. One of the reasons why Laima liked Rennes so much is because the city was more accessible for wheelchairs than her home country. Since Laima has muscular dystrophy she needs a wheelchair to go outside. 

Laima adores reading, writing letters and singing. During our visit she took us to an operetta,  and  she invited us to listen while she sang with the girls of her dorm. Laima is very patient, positive minded and appreciates the little things in life. Since she feels that her disability taught her to be that way, she describes her disability as a gift. 


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