U bent hier



Anke is a Belgian girl with ADHD, who graduated in 2011 as an interior architect. After her studies, she decided to do an internship with a Swedish designer.

We met Anke for the first time at an exhibition in Belgium where her design of a chair was shown (picture). Anke came across as a passionate interior architect with a lot of ambition who already won a price for one of her designs.

Also, while visiting her in Stockholm she expressed how she loves to make functional designs. Furthermore, she showed us her internship and the pretty furniture, clothes and other things Stockholm had to offer.

We got to know Anke as a very outgoing and social person, who isn’t afraid to get to know new people or to speak to someone completely unknown. During our visit Anke also talked about her disability. She expressed how she always wants to focus on her qualities and tries to see the benefits in having ADHD. Having ADHD and learning to cope with it, has made it hard sometimes, but on the other side it also made her stronger. Her disability is a part of who she is.

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